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Challenge The Proud  by  Julia Proud

Challenge The Proud by Julia Proud
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 188 pages | ISBN: | 10.48 Mb

From SF and Dark Fantasy to Adventure and Teen Fiction, this collection of 30 amazing short stories will take you for the ride of your life. Not only because it features exciting characters and intriguing worlds but also because you, yes, YOU will decide which of them will be developed into a novel.Vote on as many stories as you like and watch as readers like you join the event.Farina is living in a perfect world where media consumption is considered healthy and desirable.

There is a reason why and shell unwittingly find it.Detective Hank Groves is called to a murder scene only to discover that he kind of knew the victim on Twitter. He maybe kind of knows the killer as well.Hunting and tanning hides are the best jobs to have in JandaAlai, but when the Goddess herself picks mediocre Rad as her servant, a whole new world opens up to the young man.Whos ever heard of a blind date going great? Al waits skeptically for Jenny, Candy or whats-her-name to show up. Surprised wont even begin to describe it.Keep your friends close and your enemas (yes, enemas) closer.

Thats what Gerald always says.Adria is a famous author but lives confined to a cell, guarded by masked men. She wields her pen with care in service of the Resistance, fighting against the masters that rule the world.These are just a few of the wondrous stories awaiting you inside this collection.Take your time, make your picks, and chose the novel I will be writing for your pleasure.

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