Storia Del Liberalismo Europeo Guido De Ruggiero

ISBN: 9788842047643

Published: 1995

499 pages


Storia Del Liberalismo Europeo  by  Guido De Ruggiero

Storia Del Liberalismo Europeo by Guido De Ruggiero
1995 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 499 pages | ISBN: 9788842047643 | 3.78 Mb

Professor Guido de Ruggiero (1888 - 1948) was an Italian liberal historian and a leading anti-fascist politician. In 1925 his History of European Liberalism appeared, the first book to detail the development of liberalism both on the Continent as well as in Britain. His friend, the English philosopher and historian R.

G. Collingwood, translated the book into English in 1927, published by the Oxford University Press. Beacon Press reprinted the text of this edition in 1959.Ruggiero begins by outlining eighteenth century politics, with a focus on France and the French Revolution. Ruggiero then explores the liberalism of England, France, Germany and Italy.

After this, Ruggiero discusses liberalism in relation to negative and positive freedom, democracy, socialism, church and state, freedom and nationalism, and the decline of liberalism after the Great War.The most interesting part of the book was Ruggeiros discussion of the differences between English and French liberalism, the English form based on historical liberties derived not from an abstract plan but achieved by piecemeal reform, not innovation, contrasted with French liberalism, based as it was on Cartesian rationalism and the rights of man (pp.

347-350). A more detailed analysis of this is found in Jacob Talmons The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy.It is remarkable that after so many years this is still the best history of liberalism available. It should certainly be reprinted as it is a valuable panoramic survey of the subject. For anyone wanting to read the best representatives of liberalism, I would recommend the works of Edmund Burke, Lord Macaulay and Lord Acton.

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